JETI 5024 Solvent RTR – SOLD


In printing condition before packing.

Print Head Condition : Please see nozzle test pattern image

Accessories included :

1.Backlit kit

2.Rewind Unit with Retro Heater

3.Media Lifter

4.RIP PC (Windows 7)

5.Wasatch RIP V6.7

Sales Terms & Conditions :

1.Buyer pays for picking up the unit.

2.Export process including shipping, handling, and shoring to be done by buyer.

3.Seller does not have an export license.

4.Buyer will pay for international shipping and local transport.

5.Printer is sold as it is. No warranty.

6.Buyer is responsible for packing and greasing requirement.


PC type : Silver

Printer software Ver : 4.2C

Activation Code : Monthly code

Backlit : Yes

RIP Software : Wasatch V6.7

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